We’ve got an excellent reputation

Behind everything we do is client satisfaction. We would not be in operation after 10 years without a trail of satisfied client behind us. Unfortunately, there are many construction companies that don’t have the same level of professional pride as us. We have been called many times to repair or replace shoddy workmanship. We are more than happy to help in these circumstances.


We offer competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing and do our best in making sure you get the most out your money we make sure every penny you spend with us is a penny well spent.


We work with you

We have a different way of working with clients, that allows us to build deep trust based partnerships with our clients, which has worked for us over the years, and  It is based on a few powerful and pragmatic principles tested and refined over many years of consulting and research.

Abei Integrated services is a construction services providing company. We are focused on using innovative ideas and the integration of technology and automation into residential and commercial building using sustainable methods. Led by a core team of highly regarded construction professionals, we are at the forefront delivering quality construction services across the world. The ABEIIS is a guarantee of integrity, professionalism, and reliability – equal to the best obtainable anywhere in the world.
We are positioned to provide affordable and quality construction services with basic infrastructure to our clients by effectively deploying our highly skilled, experienced, well-motivated and dedicated professionals for quality delivery in all our construction endeavors. We believe this is essential to positioning the ABEIIS brand as a true leader and innovator in its market segment.



Reuben Odiwe

Principal Partner

Cyril Abiodun Solomon


Isaac Abiodun

Principal Partner